The Sexy Fat

I’m not talking about those body flab. Oh definitely not. I’m not talking about the excess weight caused by un-burnt calories.  No, not that type of fat.  I’m not saying it doesn’t look good on you. It’s a matter of preference and how you carry yourself, I suppose. I’m simply saying I’m not talking about that kind of fat.

I’m talking about this dietary fat that’s making a huge comeback.  I’m talking about the fat that gives 9x of caloric energy for each gram of this amazing substance.  I’m talking about the kind of fat that magically turns every meal into a kitchen hit!

Oh yes. I’m talking about butter.  Yum. I love butter. The smell.  The soft, greasy, sexy feel on my wanting lips that feels like I just put on my lip gloss.  Haha. And the fill it gives my hungry tummy.  This lovely yellow butter.  This lovely yellow low calorie unsalted butter from grass-fed cows that proponents of bulletproof diet go gaga about.  I am not a proponent of bullet-proof diet and I don’t understand that entire concept, but there is one bulletproof diet food that I totally so in-love with.


Preparing my healthy coffee-butter blend

It’s the coffee con butter blend that’s so yummy and so filling I can totally cut breakfast with it. Or at least, my next food will be 4 hours later during my lunch break. And that’s without craving for any other food.  It naturally feels sexy.


The bullet-proof coffee on the left is fuller and has more body compared the regular coffee on the right

I was always skeptical with this bulletproof coffee.  How would a mix of almost zero calorie black coffee with 72 calorie unsalted butter fuel me for my entire morning? I found the trick that explained the experience. Our body digest fats slower than carbs and protein.  And since butter is fat, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) kind of fat, a healthy kind of fat (I so love calling it healthy kind of fat because it really is! J), our body digest it slowly making us feel fuller for longer period of time. No wonder this bulletproof coffee is a huge hit among health-conscious sexy humans.  Lol.

Here are some bulletproof coffee recipes you might want to try.

Go ahead and try it.  Enjoy!